The how of demolition

Demolition methodsIt is easy to demolish a small wall but for larger constructions demolition is not an easy job. There are various demolition methods. What method is used depends a lot on the area to be demolished, the purpose of demolition, and the way the debris will be disposed.

Some of the more traditional methods are Implosion, High Reach Arm, crane & ball. More recent and popular options are selective or strip out process of demolition.

Implosion uses explosives that eliminate the vertical structural supports. The building collapses due to the weight of the structure and the force of gravity. What counts here is the timing and the placement of the charge.

If the structure is more than 20 meters then the high reach method of demolition is used. This is a far safer method of demolition than the other traditional methods as the demolition operators can maintain a safe distance from the falling debris. This is because the excavators have a longer boom and arm that provides the distance. The high arm method also lets the operators have more flexibility in tight spots. Long-reach excavators allow operators to operate in cramped spots, while still achieving excellent precision.

The ball and crane uses a wrecking ball to demolish concrete structures. The ball can weigh up to 13,500 pounds. This heavy ball is either dropped onto the structure to be demolished or it is swung into the structure with enough force to break the concrete.

A very popular method used recently is the strip out method of demolition. This is popular as it allows reuse of certain materials as the complete structure is not demolished. This is a safe and cost effective measure to reuse secondary recyclable material. Focus Demolition  offers a number of demolition methods using the safer and newer means of demolition.